Wouldn't it be Nice

Thrifted blazer and dress. Sepatu Kemala shoes.

It's always a good good sign when a good friend decided to open a shop, a shoe shop to be exact, because the chance to get a great affordable shoes is getting bigger! So this friend of mine who's been designing and selling shoes for a year, finally launched her store in Tebet. When she just started the business, I used to tell her to make something different rather than flats shoes and middle-heeled shoes (because I am not that keen on flats and such, LOL). Now that her business grows, she granted my *request*. See these beautiful babies? The 60's-inspired sculptured 13,5cm heels and 2,5cm platform is indeed my cup of tea. This shoes instantly becomes my favorite because they're sooo light and also unbelievably comfortable, I could even run in a slope! And I tell you what, they don't cost you more than $30. Nice, eh? :D
Wearing them with my favorite thrifted blazer and dress, my favorite bracelets, and my dad's favorite socks.

Kemala Balcony
Square Inc 2nd Floor
Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 7 Jakarta Selatan


Anonymous said…
nice shoes :)
Carissa said…
lovely! I love the way you combine the shoes and the socks <3
brobrand said…
wow that was great..isnt looked thrifted as well
iamglen said…
you such a darling..:)
shannonloves said…
sweet!!! the shoes are so pretty (:
t a l i s h a said…
awesome heels :) i like the smart pairing w/ them socks as well kakk

Unknown said…
nice shoes!i love it :)
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BruceMore said…
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