Afternoon Sister

H&M nude chiffon dress. Dad's shirt. Zara belt. Chloe SS 2008 RTW cutout booties.
Ring from LuShae Jewelry.

When it comes to accessorize myself, I always opt to wear rings, bangles/bracelets, and necklace. No earrings, please. And this ring from LuShae Jewelry (worth clicking, seriously click the link now!) happens to be my most fave ring now, despite that I picked the wrong size *heavy sigh*. They have many beautiful rings and also edgy rings and I have to say that they use great quality materials so it's worth the price. :)
Do I sound like a commercial break? LOL.


Diva Zhu said…
oh god, really like your shoes dear! its too cute! :D
we can follow each other, if you dont mind dear :)
love your shoes!!!!

blogwalking here
and i love your blog:)
putri soe said…
i love everything from this look! flawlessly chic!

The Spoof.
LOVE your dress!!! :D

follow me back if you don't mind dear :)
still a very new fashion blogger here :$

thanks! <3
alxndreea said…
soooooo pretty (:
Unknown said…
Whoa loving your shoes so much. Nice outfit by the way :)
Princilla said…
nice dress and nice outfit! :)
vdcouture said…
great look and totally loving your shoes <3


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