For Your Precious Love

Marks and Spencer dress. Prada SS 2008 RTW fairy collection shoes.

As a huge fan of Miuccia Prada, owning a pair of her runway collection shoes is like a dream...inspite of the fact that they're not so comfortable to walk in.


Love Love Love your shoes so much!
Anonymous said…
wow your shoes!!!they are too pretty!!!!!!
Angela Jessyana said…
adore your Prada shoes! so cute :)
John B. Marine said…
So beautiful yet again, Chekka. Your looks are lovely and so is your lovely outfit. I didn't realize those where open-toe pumps until I looked closer. I don't know what "beautiful" is in Indonesian, but you are definitely beautiful!
jo said…
great shoes! i love scouring for prada shoes on ebay and adding them to my watchlist... and then it just stays on my watchlist haha. must say that i much prefer them with your floral dress than miuccia's fairy outfits.
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i just found out about your blog after the blogger yard sale part 3 was held. ohhhh your blog is awesome! and i like your style hehehe cutee

nice to know you, btw ;)
u-ung said…
gorgeous shoes!!!!

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