Lover, You Should've Come Over!

 Thrifted leopard blazer. Zara white shirt. Topshop skinnies.
Zara studded bag. Assorted accessories. Topshop wedge boots.

The participating Indonesian fashion bloggers at Blogger Yard Sale part 3

I really think this kind of event should be held more often. It's just so great to meet the bloggers fellow although we might not have sufficient 'spare' time to have a chitchat or sort of due to the massive crowds slash potential buyers (see the pictures!). It was still so much fun, though. Boohoo to you who didn't come, or who didn't shop at my booth. Haha. :D


Unknown said…
ahahha, chekka, muka aku d foto yg bareng2 ga enak bener deh!!!

btw it was fun meeting u! penge sambil duduk dan ngobrol2 tp g ad waktu ya... >.<
Dylana Suarez said…
Your blazer is so amazing!

Lovely blog!

michelle said…
I love your blazer so much!
Rianariani said…
it was fun and ah finally can meet you in person :D
you guys really need do it more often :)
Grafiniya said…
меня в такие места пускать нельзя,люблю всякие барахолки))))

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