Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale part 4 Recap!

 Tshirt from Kemala Balcony. Thrifted blazer.
Marks & Spencer skirt and tights. Zara snakeskin booties.

So here you are some of my poor quality pics of Fashion Bloggers Yard Sale part 4. It was fun, and the happiest moment to me was when I saw this girl wearing the baggy blue sweater I sold at the previous event and it looks really good on her! (please see picture #5) Another happiest part is I had a great time with this hot lady Cindy of DIAMONDHURTS, I swear by God she's really cool I'd be a lesbian for her. Well, too bad we both already have a boyfriend. Haha.


Unknown said…
waa, there's a candid shot of me! LOL

i agree, cindy totally ROCKS!
so looking forward to have more chit-chat with u chekka!
bethannyputri said…
gue kmrn cuma bisa diam terpaku di booth gak bisa kemana-mana. ngomong sama lo aja ngga ya hahah, itu thanks foto candid nya :P
t a l i s h a said…
:D you two look good together.. hope you gained enough profit for a ticket to calif!

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