Morning Mr. Magpie

 Zara leopard cardigan. Thrifted high waisted skirt. Marc by Marc Jacobs shoes.

Haven't worn this MbMJ shoes since I bought them in December 2009, and not to mention the other pairs of shoes that have been sleeping forgotten peacefully in their boxes. Never even think of selling them (except they're way too big, some shoes don't run true to size), because those shoes are just like my treasures that I should keep forever. Though sometimes it slightly breaks my heart to see those  shoes are kept unworn and it got me thinkin that maybe someone out there could love them more than I do. But I can't bear myself seeing someone else wear them. Sentimental much?


John B. Marine said…
Timeless and classic beauty by you here. You look fantastic!
Jamie-Lee Burns said…
you look absolutely beautiful!! I always think the opposite, I want all my clothing/shoes to be well-loved and worn often!
t a l i s h a said…
please do a ost of your shoe collection kak.. thrifted's not my thing, but shoe definitely is! :D
Unknown said…
nice bow details on your skirt. I always envy your thrifted finds :)
BruceMore said…
This really answered my problem, thank you!

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