Flower is Oi

Hippies look is one of my fave trend in fashion history, though it's kinda hard for some people (like me) to pull it off. ONLYi, a fashion line by my blogger fellow DIAMONDHURTS offers us some fresh air in this dominating trends, yet it prevents us from the risk of looking like a time machine. So people, please kindly check out the entire collection on www.onlyishop.com, the maxi dresses are so very lovely! :)


Gloria Putri said…
I like the photo effect.... :)

riestya said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
riestya said…
i love your photo with diamodhurt :)
it was awesome :D
love it :D

nitia/ monto said…
modelnya kurus-kurus amet chek. yaolooohh
pj said…
love the effects!!

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