Javatrip Photo Diary

These are some of so many amazing antiques at Pasar Triwindu in Surakarta, Central Java Indonesia. I spent five days in Surakarta and did managed to visit Pasar Triwindu for at least three times in between days. I scored tons of antiques for a fraction of price compared to Pasar Antik Jalan Surabaya in Jakarta or Mirota Jogjakarta, and surprisingly the shipping cost to Jakarta was unbelievably cheap! This antiques market gotta be one of my favorite places on earth, especially remembering how nice the sellers are to me even though I haggled an awful lot. :)

From Surakarta I continued my trip to Jogjakarta, my favorite little city in Indonesia. I had always wanted to visit Prambanan Temple in my whole life and this time I finally made it! Although it is known as one of the biggest temples in Indonesia (the biggest one is Borobudur, just in case you didn't know), it turned out to be smaller than I thought. Some of the temples are ruined because of the great earthquake a few years ago.
Still in Prambanan Temple area, this one is called Sewu Temple. When I saw this temple from afar, the stupa architecture reminds me of Borobudur Temple and according to the guide, Sewu Temple is indeed a Buddhist shrine. Not only some of the buildings are ruined due to the earthquake, some of the statues were also stolen.
Let me introduce you Mr and Mrs. Sujono. My tour guide, my foster folks, and the creator of (you can create your own avatar on their site! Try now, it's free!).
A plus tard!


Andhari said…
Last time I went to Prambanan, I was only 9. That is so cool that the place is still as charming as I remember it to be.

ps. so, any pics of the stuff you bought from the market?:D

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