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Heyho everyone! Finally I'm done with college and have successfully earned my bachelor degree in Psychology. Yayness! No more hectic schedule for school, so now I'm officially available for any kind of job offers (excuse my little advertisement).
Anyway, I've been procrastinating so many post materials because of my previous hiatus but now I have too much free times. Ha! So it's time to make a short recap of my unforgettable business trips to Pulau Macan in Kepulauan Seribu and also to Malang, East Java. Truly apologize for the low quality of the photos cuz I took all the pictures with my crappy old iPhone camera. Alas, here we go!

First stop: Pulau Macan (Tiger Island Village and Resort) in Kepulauan Seribu
The coolest open-air bathroom at Pulau Macan resort. The view is sooooo breathtaking, this picture don't do justice so you gotta see it to believe. Most of the rooms (or huts to be exact) are also open-air, no walls and of course, no air conditioner (this is an eco-friendly resort, FYI).
Pure white powdery sand, crystal clear aquamarine waters and perfect blue sky. Heaven!
For more info about the resort, click here!

Next stop: Hotel Tugu in Malang, East Java
This hotel is by far one of the most amazing Indonesian hotels I've ever been at. Tons of beautiful Chinese Peranakan antique stuff here and there! Not to mention that they also have a bit of ethnic Javanese, Indian and Middle Eastern ambiance at a certain spot. The staff are super helpful and friendly. I had a wonderful three days stay and I am so much in love with this hotel.
Me and NPM team were having free traditional snacks for late afternoon munchies. Yum!
I'm a bathroom person, so it is the very first thing I check when I come to a hotel. Hehe. And as you see, this could be the sexiest bathroom ever! But no, unfortunately this is not my hotel room's. (Boo!) Please make a reservation for Apsara Suite if you wanna get the sexy experience dipping in this seductive bathtub. For more info about Hotel Tugu Malang, click here!

That's all, folks! See ya later.


John B. Marine said…
As a long-time fan of yours, I'm proud for you on your successes in college. Congratulations! I extend you my best wishes in your future endeavors.
Ruby said…
There are great photos :)
Envy you can traveling after graduate :D
Gosh.. Just heard about Pulau Macan from you, such a piece of heaven.
I had a trip to Krakatau Volcanic Island last July, I posted in my blog here :)
check this site said…
So wonderful. I love this blog.
nuraa said…
Wow,,,beautiful view
Tas Branded said…
very nice travelling
oufff..... Congrats! I am soooooo in love with hotel Tugu! I want to raid and rob (oops) the hotel... great post!
TonyaHarison said…
I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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