Remember When

Zara FW 2012 studded blazer. Topshop black shirt. Zara SS 2012 leather skirt.
Nicholas Kirkwood pumps.

Finally! An outfit post! It's been months since the last time I became a burden to my friends, asking them to take some photos of my outfit. Remember when we were still college students or fresh graduates so we had unlimited free times to spend, but now that we're committed to our jobs we simply cannot do such thing anymore. Working in different industries doesn't allow us to meet as often as we want. In my case, my 9-5 corporate-slave friends couldn't meet her nurse friend who got a night shift and her freelance-stylist friend who hadn't finished the photo session until late. Something we never think about when we were (very) young.


putri soe said…
suka studded jacketnya!
and classic pumps never go wrong.

Putri Soe
yishyene said…
Ooh I used to read your blog ages ago.. glad to have rediscovered it!! XX
BruceMore said…

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Anonymous said…
beautiful body, legs and mouth

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