Portfolio: Lotus Flower

Model: Anya (So Wanted Agency)
MUA: Andy Chun Chun
Photographer: Glenn Prasetya
As published on Indonesia In Fashion.

So finally I had my first portfolio shoot in 2012. Apparently I've been working too hard that I haven't got time to do some fun photo shoot. This one was very impromptu as Glenn Prasetya the photographer contacted me like a day before the shoot. I didn't get enough time to get some wardrobes from my well-respected fellow designers so I decided to use whatever I first saw in my closet. I picked random clothes and neither I or Glenn even have a certain concept for the shoot. Teehee. A few days later, Glenn showed me the preview images asking for the title. And when I saw it, I thought about Radiohead's Lotus Flower naturally. Here you are, Lotus Flower.


John B. Marine said…
All lovely fashion pieces and all fabulous pictures.


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