Fog Put a Smile Upon Your Face

Zara studded sweater. Thrifted skirt. Topshop clutch.
River Island hat. YSL palais fur trim pumps.

Talking about favorite things, these things I wore are probably my most favorite items in my wardrobe that have been worn for like a hundredth times already. And I had these outfit photos taken at one of my favorite places in the world, Cibodas Park, when the drizzling rain and thick fog suddenly stroke for a few minutes then faded away. Gloomy weather never fail to make me happy and you can see that on my face, smiling real wide like a little child.


i adore your happy smile! and those pumps from YSL are amazing :)
Nurullita Utami said…
Love ur shoes! Stay Fab

Olga Babenko said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brenda Evans said…
cool shoes :)

Sausan Hanifah said…
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Olga Babenko said…
Hi sweetie!
I like how you combine your clothes.
very cute blog!

kisses from Ukraine!
TonyaHarison said…
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