Looking Awesome with Monochrome

Heyho everybody!
For those who’ve been following me must know how much I love wearing anything in black and white. Sporting monochromatic outfits has already been my signature style, even most of my shoes are also in black and white. It’s the colors that make me feel totally confident, I don’t have to spend a minute looking at the mirror just to make sure I look okay. No need to think about how to mix and match anymore, because (to me) anything in monochromatic tone will work just fine.
There’s one more thing to boost your confidence other than super cool outfits: odorless body, that is. Awful body odor is a big turn-off and so is the stain your deodorant left on your clothes, and Rexona Invisible Dry could be the answer! Rexona challenges you to show your best style in black and white, and you might stand a chance to win tons of cool prizes.
Steps are easy as 1-2-3, simply click https://www.facebook.com/Rexona or http://rexona-id.com/invisibledry/ to join the contest and follow the rules. Don’t forget to share your picture to gain votes to increase your chances to win. There’ll be winners for every two weeks and you could be one of them! So join now and I’ll check out your awesome style in the gallery. ;)


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