Structured Mood

Thrifted vintage lace-satin blazer. My dad's white shirt (it's his sleepwear, btw)
Mango skinny pants. Steve Madden shoes.

This outfit was inspired by Balmain S/S 2009/2010 structured look, but in a thrift way. :p
Well anyway, big big thanks to my stylish friend, Dhyta Stain on My Red Shoes, for taking these amazing photos. Yes, the photos are amazing. I am not. LOL!


Jen said…
That blazer is really to die for! :D

And thanks so so so much for the sweet comments you left me!!!

Anonymous said…
chekka, i always envy to ur shoes collection..huaaa...
again..rockin' sssshhhoooooeeessss...!!
o btw, i love stain on my red shoes too. u both have gorgeous style!
Narita Helgania said…
hahahha..balmain bgt bokk
anyway..great photo, awesome outfit
love the blazer also
tp omong2, 2 poto terakhir lo warna nya sama gtu bokk
celana item..blus putih..dan blazer biru..tapi bisa totally different look gtu
keren nekk!!
i am not that satisfied with the pictures. i could've taken better pictures than those. yuuuuk...kapan2 gw poto2in lagi :D
t a l i s h a said…
how cool.. u guys can take each other's photos n post it di blog masing2.. i adore both of you!! and you both happened to wear the coolest blazers ever in the same day :)
dinadinadina said…
maap deyhh qod.. maafkan hamba..
:D *kecup dulu ah.. :-* muah..

keren cuy blazernya..
spatunya si ya gua naksir bener da ah..
lagi doyan perpaduan putih-biru-hitam kah??
kereennn.... <3

ni beneran dari gua.. :D
yishyene said…
That blazer is AWESOME!!
KAREN said…
FANTASTIC thrifted blazer! :D amazing how you can pull off the Balmain look in such an inexpensive way!!!
Anonymous said…
ini foto di rumahnya Lintje ya Chek? :D
Mads said…
Hey I LOVE that blazer!!! The lace detail is gorgeous! I enjoy reading your blog and linked you already!=)

Anonymous said…
chek..coba deh..
peding di blazernya di copot [setau gue bisa dicopot]
biar ga terlalu tinggi" amad gt..
jd kesannya ga jadul" amad xD
Chekka Cuomova said…
thanks darlings for the sweet comments :)

@ narita: iya nihh ga sengaja loh padahal hahah..

@ stainonmyredshoes: hayukk.. maap yaa poto gua kurang memuaskan huhu.. bagus elonya keren jadi terlihat keren lah itu poto hueee..

@ ragil: iye neik.. kmaren dateng gak sih?

@ Mads: heyy thank you! I'm gonna check out your blog right now ;D

@ anonymous: bokkk, justru ini gua tambahin lohh shoulder padsnya to give stronger look hueee.. kurang oke ya neik? :)
Unknown said…
omg... you nailed the strong shoulder trend soooo well! that blazer is gorgeous! i've been trying to find one in the thrift stores as well, but to no avail.:(

great look!

much love

Unknown said…
Oh my!Where did u get that blazer!It's so gorgeous!
Love ur blog :D
Oh that jacket, TDF. So vintage; so luxurious! :) J'adore...

Anonymous said…
cute blazer! :D

X Hanna
Unknown said…
that blazer is freakin' amazing! love it love it love it!
Anonymous said…
OMG what a crazy blazer! :D
Anonymous said…
kagak chek gue pan udah balik ke peradaban =(
Chekka Cuomova said…
@ ragil: yahhh koq cepet amat beb.. huhuhu.. kapan2 kalo balik ajak2 gua donk, belom pernah ke 'peradaban' lo nih hahahaha..
Esme said…
omg, your style's synonymous to karla's but unique-r! :) and that steve madden shoes are so pretty.

(thank god i saw your blog!)
Anonymous said…
i love this look! you're Asia's answer to Karla :)
Hanifa Faozia said…
What's with the Daddy's favorite "sejuk sepoi-sepoi" T-shirt?
Anonymous said…
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