Mozaic Bargains

Thrifted blazer + mozaic dress. Candyfeet boots.

I love this dress so damn much and I believe we are meant to be. :) So here's the story behind this quirky dress... I always go bananas while thrifting and when I was almost done for the day, I found this dress at my regular seller's place. Yes lovelies, thrift stores in Jakarta aren't like stores in US for example. It's more like a traditional market that sells second-hand clothes and yes, second-hand undergarments. So, back to the story, I fell in love with the vintage dress instantly..

Me: How much is it?
Seller: $ 3
Me: No way. $ 1
Seller: You're kidding me.
Me: Look, I only have $2 left, so give it to me for $1.
Seller: Yea because you shopped a lot at other places. (Looking at my HUGE plastic bags)
Me: Please, $1. I always shop at your place, I never buy anything for more than $2 here!
Seller: Yes and I could go bankrupt in two days. Go back tomorrow. I'll keep it for you.
Me: Don't sell it to anyone or I'll kill you. *evil grin*
Seller: Well if someone could afford it for $3 or more, why not? I give you the best price you can get. *bigger grin*

Okay. I was freakin worried someone would buy that dress. So two weeks later I decided to go thrifting again and managed to buy that dress. I assured myself that no one would buy that dress but me. Teehee.. :p

Seller: Ah there you are.
Me: Where's my dress?
Seller: $3
Me: Hell no. $1
Seller: What the hell! I wish you didn't come back for this dress.
Me: Here, $1. Give me that dress.

And voila, here I am wearing the dream dress. How I love bargaining. Even in a harsh way. :)


dinadinadina said…
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dinadinadina said…
tapi membuahkan hasil!!
cuma lo yang bisa kaya gitu qod..
Phuce said…
Akhhh.. Sumpah!! Outfit lo keren ga ada cacat nek..

Itu pertarungan sengit antara lo and mira yak?? :))
Ckckck.. kasian abang2 dan inang2 yg jadiin lo langganannya, hwe..
t a l i s h a said…
whoa.. cool dress and blazer.. where do you actually shop for vintage, thrifted stuffs? i've never even been to even one thrift store hahaha..
damn, i really love your dress sayang...
rusiana luthfie said…
hahahaha..jadi kangen gontok2an sama mas2 penjual kayak gitu..
and you did it great!
u rocks! hahahaha
c l a i r e said…
"Keep it for me or I'll kill you"
LMAO!!!!!! so true when we need something so badly

great outfit! no wonder you'd kill for that dress :)
Ms. Match said…
great dress at a great price! hebattt! and i am amazed that you can come back after 2 weeks and the dress was still there. it must be fate. and i don't think any other girl can wear it quite as cool as you :)
Pepa Xavier said…
I want your blazer, stuning!
hahah that's a cute story. the dress is awesome. the geometric shapes and the colors just go directly into your eye. and the boots are look cool too!
hahah that's a cute story. the dress is awesome. the geometric shapes and the colors just go directly into your eye. and the boots are look cool too!
Chekka Cuomova said…
hehehe thanks everyone.. so glad you guys like it :D

@ phuce: bukan sama mira neik.. sama si abang yg satu itu.. hehehe..

@ talisha: I always go to Pasar Senen or Pasar Baru for thrifting :)
Anonymous said…
Hahaha! I love that conversation with the salesperson. lol. Lovely dress!
Maria said…
Beautiful boots. *
Narita Helgania said…
fantastic outfit!!
purfect blend!!
and love ur booties darl!! i'm so proud of you *big grin*
ragil mega said…
Huahahahhahah Chekkaaaa.. gue guling2 depan meja komputer gue :P
Baru mau kompliment, "elo vintage sekali hari ini" dan sangat feminin. Ternyata di balik ke-feminin-anmu itu ada preman thrifting kyahhahah..

Tapi keren Chek. You look like you just came out of the set "That 60's Show"
Chekka Cuomova said…
again, thanks a lot everyone.. teehee.. :)

@ ragil: heheheheheh.. susah buu masih kere.. can't afford that branded stuff tapi ngotot pengen keliatan gaya ahahahha..
Lori said…
thanks for the karma/comment over at tfs!!

I added your link on my blog ;)
Mads said…
Cute cute story!! Love the print on your dress.. kinda reminds me of highschool geometry, in a good way though..=)

D.A said…
haha dodol.. so funny! pasti pas lo nongol lagi untuk ngambil dressnya itu bener2 nightmare buat si abangnya yah LOL.. mana dia nyangka elo bakalan bener2 nongol lagi disitu :p
paanie said…
you are quite a barterer. i think traditional markets are much more fun.
the dress is amazing!! fabulous colour & print! love the blazer too :)
Unknown said…
hahaha.. too funny.:) the dress is another interesting addition to your already interesting wardrobe. its so you! and you know i'll always ADORE your style.:)

much love

Jen said…
Haha! I love it!
Brigadeiro said…
OMGosh, serious?!? That's a great buy even for $3, haha! I absolutely HATE bargaining (and am horrible at it too)!
Hihihi...I know exactly how great of a bargainer you are! The dress is really cool! And it fits your body and character perfectly. I am not as lucky as you are, most of the clothes in thrift stores are way too big for me :(
(You know that).
ChaCha said…
hidup nawar :)
**padahal sambil deg2an ngeri abangnya tiba2 sensi*
Eyeliah said…
Oh I love how much bold color you wear!
Anonymous said…
Good negotiation - nothing like a little charm and the wink of an eye to get what you want. Dress is uber hot!!
Unknown said…
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