New Header! Crap!

>> Saturday, February 28, 2009

That must be your first reaction while seeing my huge photo on this blog header. I really love the photo (captured by Thornandes James) but since I can't operate photoshop quite well, it turned out to be such a crap. If only someone would be willing to photoshop them and make my face look nicer and of course more beautiful (I don't think someone would!). Ah well, I wanna show you (my) beautiful photos taken by Thornandes James on Nicoline Patricia Malina's photoshoot. *big grin*
So, the last pic is the colorful version of my header (and another pose, bien sur!). Just kinda curious whether the header should be Black & White or let it be colorful?
Ah yes, the cat is Nicoline's. His name is Coco. Il est super mignon!!


Grand Opening Louis Vuitton Global Store

>> Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quick updates from grand opening Louis Vuitton global store at Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta! I'll keep it less words, more pics!

This is the VIP room. When you make an appointment for purchasing 'something', your sales assistant will prepare your 'things' in this room. So when you arrive at the store, you'll find everything is already there, for you!

Self-portrait while enjoying the boutique tour.
My photographer fellow, Panji Indra, was also looking at the mirror!

The Models (I'm soooo in love with the whole look on the left!)

And it's me, back again taking self-portrait!
Feeling familiar with this look? Yes, I got inspired when I was playing dress-up last two days.

Lace kebaya: my mom's vintage
Blue mini dress: Dorothy Perkins
Latex leggings: ebay
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Limited Collection by Marks and Spencer

Somebody asked me what brand is my kebaya and I replied it's vintage. Is it a big turn-off to wear vintage to a big fashion event? I mean, I'm nobody and cannot afford to buy designer stuff so why should I force myself to have one?
Closer look so you can see the details of my Lace Kebaya. :)


C'etait supér cool!

I write this on my way home by taxi. My foot hurts but I'm happy. It's been like a month or two since my last duty coming to a fashion event. Hoho! I just attended the grand opening of Louis Vuitton global store at Plaza Indonesia. It was super rad. FYI, it's the biggest Louis Vuitton store in South-East Asia! Michelle Yeoh apparently made an appearance but I didn't see her. Not even at the after party! :p
I promise you all to upload plenty of photos I took as soon as possible. But well, I'm still on the cab and am kinda sleepy now. Blame it on the cocktails and champagnes, then!


Fleur de Saison

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

I didn't have something to do today so I ended up playing dress-up for the first time in my life. LOL. I'm not good at styling (that's why I'd rather be a fashion reporter than a fashion stylist *big grin*), so I was just playing with blazers / jackets. The story line is started from summer, to fall, and the last one is winter. (We don't have fall or winter in Indonesia, by the way.)

Blue mini dress: Dorothy Perkins
Latex legging: ebay
Peep-toe booties: Zara

On pic #1: fuschia top from thrift store
On pic #2: blue hounds-tooth blazer from thrift store
On pic #3: black patent-leather jacket from Zara


Black Riding Hood

>> Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cheyqua in Street Snap — February 18th, 2009

Who: Thornandes James, fashion stylist.
Where: Stanley Allan’s studio at Cipete
What: The black capes-look-alike that he wore was actually a simple poncho. With a bit of twist, he turned the poncho into a cape, or a dress-coat, whatever you name it. I didn’t really understand how he twisted it, but the messy drapery accent really amused me. I even thought it was Chloé or Stella McCartney! :D


Purple Rebel

Meet my beloved friend, Dhyta! I always adore her style from the first time I saw her on "Today's Outfit" thread on =)

I HEART her shoes!! It's oh so FIERCE!
And don't forget to check out her fashion blog here! Click now!!


it's called Kebaya from Indonesia

>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm so excited and super proud to pronounce that the purple top that I wore on this pic is called KEBAYA and it's one of traditional clothes of Indonesia beside Batik and Ikat. Please don't steal our culture's heritages! Do not copyright what you copy 'cause you don't have a RIGHT to do that!

purple Kebaya: my mom's vintage
studded belt: Zara (I don't have that much belt)
skinny pants: Mango (yes I don't have that much pants either)
peep-toe booties: Zara
bag: Oasis


Bloody F***lentine

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So I was accidentally wearing PINK on Valentine's day. Never really give a damn about Valentine anyway. It's like; blah!

Top: thrift store
Lace-up booties: urbanoutfitters
Bag: oasis


Red Red Wine

>> Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stanley Allan's entourage for Astro TV behind the scene photoshoot,
at his "home" studio. =)

red shirt: my mom's vintage Marks and Spencer
studded belt: Zara
skinny pants: Mango
peep-toe booties: Zara


Why Cavalli

>> Friday, February 13, 2009

I always hate the fact that I was outbid far far away for the price I could afford. Especially when you set the maximum bid and let the bidnapper do the shot, so you (think that you) can go to sleep with no worries someone else will outbid you. And when you wake up, check your blackberry or turn on your laptop with confidence that you'll win, but... Dang! It's not even somebody outbids you, but there are 20 strangers out there fall for the exactly same thing and they could pay much more than you can afford. And so.. The lovely Just Cavalli double-breasted leather jacket is gone with the wind, beautifully wrapped in the USPS envelope for someone who got more cash out there. It sucks a lot! It really does.

And in my heart I'm still crying. Oh dear.. :'(

pic source: ebay


Polka . dance

>> Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Polkadot dress: thrift store
Cropped blazer: Morgan
Shoes: Pedder Red


Bold and Curvy

>> Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheyqua in Street Snap — February 8th, 2009

Who: Dewi Utari, Fashion Editor of Harper’s Bazaar Indonesia
Where: Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
What: This is an example to show your curve in a bold and stylish way. Put a belt right on your waist, pull off a latex legging for a bold look (the blue one is darn hot, really), and voila! Don’t forget to wear sexy strappy shoes for the finishing touch.

Check out her blog here!


Confession of an Intern (part II)

>> Saturday, February 7, 2009

The story continue..

15 June 2008

The first weeks I started my internship, I learnt that there are loads of senior fish in the fashion ocean who dislike and despise interns, although you're not working for them. I heard someone who used to be an intern in one of the biggest fashion magazine in my country stated "those who dislike and despise interns must be having their post-power syndrome.". Repeat after me: post-power syndrome. Does it mean they used to have power or they're going to lose their power in this industry? Not necessarily know it, though. However one thing to emphasize is, if you are a newbie in the sea, don't act too much to draw attention. Sometimes, knowing that you are an intern could threaten those mean fish. Senior fish who suffer post-power syndrome get insecure of the existence of newbies so easily.

When I was a newbie I didn't have the guts to open my mouth, especially when I attended fashion events. Only speak when necessary, tried to look nice and be nice with everybody, didn't dare to throw a comment when I heard or overheard a gossip, I always kept my mouth shut. I am not a risk-taker so I thought "silence is gold" is applied in such situation.

One fine day, I went to Plaza Indonesia to attend the grand opening of a beauty salon. Before I even got there, I met this mean fish #2 who works as an Editor in one of the biggest fashion magazine in Indonesia. We were introduced by my Chief Editor, and the very first stuff she said to me was..

Mean fish #2 : "How long have you been doing the internship?"
Me : "A week..
Mean fish #2 : (Looked at my outfit with such cynical smile) "God, your style becomes so Soap! How fast!"
Me : "Pardon?"
Mean fish #2 : (Cynically giggling then went away)

I didn't know what was wrong with my outfit, nor I knew what was wrong with Soap Magazine. Okay maybe she just not that into androgyny - boyish look I put on and thought I dressed myself like that only because I was working in a men's fashion magazine? Or maybe because my outfit was a total mess, since I wouldn't dress up to go to campus and I didn't know that working in a magazine/journalism require you to be flexible and ready to report things unexpectedly. What I mean is, if you're doing an internship while you're still studying, do not careless about your outfit, DO DRESS UP! Bring your heels, blazer, and mini make-up pouch so you'd be ready anytime. Use a big big bag that has bigger space (I'm not telling you to use a luggage, though). It's a fashion ocean, darling. We do dress up and look good. And we do judge by covers. At least, even if you're only an intern and you can only shut your mouth when the other fish are talking bitching and gossiping, one thing for sure is they will always spend their tiny times to take a glimpse of you and your look. And who knows if you dressed up really well, deep inside of their heart they're admiring your great sense of style. :)

To be continued..


Dududu Dadada

>> Monday, February 2, 2009

I really really love Karl Lagerfeld and that's why I am learning French :p So now I'm proudly presenting my thrift finds which apparently quite resemble to Chanel Spring/Summer 2008's jumper as you guys can see at the pictures below.

And my thrifted version... Dududu.. Dadada..
Let's add a touch of studs :)
white shirt: bought in Bali
jumper: thrift store
studs belt: zara
turquoise tights: h&m
lace tights: forever 21
peep-toe booties: zara

Chanel pics credit:


Chekka Loves CK

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

Oooh la la.. I always love Calvin Klein Jeans' campaign ads because the sensuality they showed isn't cheap or trashy, although some of em were banned back in the 90's (too tacky maybe?). However, it's always been darn beautiful to me. For Spring/Summer 2009 ads, we're not going to see another black and white pictures, but in my opinion Steven Meisel did such a great job! I'm feelin sexy sexy sexy!

pic source: tfs


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