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>> Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cheyqua in Editorial, Men's Fashion — March 30th, 2009

I always adore men who are well dressed. They have more positive points to my eyes., not because I love fashion so I require my man to do the same (and the fact is no, I don’t have a man at the moment :p), don’t you all agree that a well dressed man looks better than those who are careless and pretend so hard to look as if they don’t care about what they are wearing?

Everytime I browse The Sartorialist I always wish that there are better dressed men in and around Jakarta . The truth of the matter is; most men I see are wearing the same thing. Shirt + pants, shirt + jeans, and their best effort seem to be wearing a vest or blazer over shirt. That’s all. Even if the trend is evolving, they seem not to have enough guts to pull it off. One of many excuses I have heard is, “Straight men don't do fashion things.”

It’s so sad, isn’t it? How most men are stuck into such paradigm, that straight men can’t like fashion. I‘m not really sure whether this is only happening in Indonesia or this is also applies in other countries, my guess is that our culture won’t let men to pay much attention to fashion. Just open our history book, see what Indonesian men wore back in the past. Most of them were topless and sometimes they just covered their intimate parts with sarong or just a piece of cloth. Well-dressed men mostly came from royal or rich family, or at least those who had power.

There is hope however. Perhaps the growth of fashion media nowadays could help men have more consideration in fashion. I have started to realize how menswear has become very huge in the world’s fashion industry. Many fashion designers and celebrities who become designers have launched their new menswear line. Remember ladies, no markets, no new lines. So, isn’t it quite obvious that apparently men started to heart fashion as much as we do?


Jobless and Penniless

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm jobless and penniless and I've bought loads of cool stuff from ebay and now I'm worried my mom will find her credit card bills and I'm sure she'll hang me on the tree when she reads the bill. (Inhale) Okay I'll surely reimburse every purchase, but this month's expenses are just hideous! And no, I have no regrets. Every purchase is precious. Except the Fashion Dictionary I accidentally bought when actually I'm learning psychology but then I bought this fashion dictionary instead of DSM-IV revised psychology bible. (Sigh)

Thrifted tulle dress. DIY necklace. DIY studded ribbon worn as belt. Forever21 shoes

I call it "Flat-broke outfit". Yeah I don't have many branded clothes, half of my closet are thrifted finds. It's simply because I hate expensive clothes, but I adore expensive shoes. So if someone hire me and offer me good salary, I'll entertain your beautiful eyes with beautiful shoes (I hear Givenchy and Louboutin are calling my name!)

Aaaarggh.. I need a job! (Translation: I need some cash)

Thanks to my bestie, Narita, for taking these pictures :)


Yesterday's Promise

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

Finally! The converting and a bit of photoshop-ing is done! There are still great photos to come and perhaps I'll use it as my new header. :D No, I'm not gonna put my own narcissistic pic on the header again. Hehehe. Just wait and see. The new header is coming soon next friday! (Set the alarm from now :p)
Okay darlings, hope you enjoy the pictures. :)

Wardrobe: Priyo Oktaviano
Model: Natalya Gumilevskaya
Fashion Stylist: Thornandes James
Make-up Artist & Hairdo: Philip Kwok & Team
Photographer: Stanley Allan

Those pics are belong to me! I took it and edited it (despite my lack of photoshop ability) all by my self. So please, if you wanna repost one of these pics, don't forget to write the credit.

Hehehehe. Why so serious, darling? :D


Parodi of The Month

Had another photoshoot today. Yes today, on Saturday! I did brought my camera but I stupidly left the battery at home. :( Thank God, my dearest photographer Stanley Allan lent me his lovely Canon 5D with EF 24-70mm lens (my first time using that adorable lens!) so I could take behind-the-photoshoot pics. Too bad I forgot to set the pic format to jpg, RAW files are hideously big and make my oldie iBook wanna puke (blame it to 512MB memory and 40 GB hard-disk capacity). There are loads of good pics to show, but I must convert them to jpg first and I'm too sleepy to do that now (it's already 4:10 AM in Jakarta). So, I promise you guys to upload the behind-the-photoshoot pics tomorrow. Promise!

And so, this is the outfit I wear today.
Sorry for bad quality pic, but I love my pose here. :D
During the narcissistic photoshoot (taken by Thornandes James, of course!), I played imposing the ad campaigns poses. It all turned out total crap for sure. Hehehe. I'm not a model, and am not even qualified enough to be a model anyway (I wish I were, though. Hehehe). I did it purely for fun. It's silly I know. Well, it could be one of the fun activity for fashion addicts, don't you think?
And this one is hilarious! I was trying real hard to impose Madonna
but yeah, I failed. LOL!

Thrifted floral blazer and tiered skirt. Latex leggings from ebay.
Open-toe boots from Mi-Casa-Su-Casa

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Nylon Smile

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

Yesterday I went to Nicoline Patricia Malina's apt to assist my dearest infamous fashion stylist Thornandes James doing the photoshoot for Amica Indonesia and Nic's upcoming photo exhibition at Senayan City. The model is Julia Jamal (she married to Indonesian guy so she changed her last name), and see her new haircut? I'm soooo gonna chop off my long hair! Hehehe.

COCO-BEE!! <3<3<3

And this is the outfit I wore yesterday.
Black tunic from Bali. Thrifted vintage blazer.
H&M tights. Pedder Red shoes. DIY studded vintage bag.

Hehehe. See the shoes? I just adopted them from Dewi Utari's shop, Mi-Casa-Su-Casa. It was unintended. We met at her office (Harper's Bazaar Indonesia) and gossiping, then she offered me these shoes (what a coincidence, no?). I couldn't refuse so I tried them on, and... Yes, I took it! Hehehe. :)



>> Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I almost forget to share this coolness B-) I stroke a pose for Swank Glossy, the online fashion and lifestyle magazine. As you all remember, this is the outfit I wore for Louis Vuitton grand opening party. And, this is my first time posing for another street-snapper, to be honest. LOL!
Thanks Swank Glossy for snapping me. Hehehehe. :D


Stylish doesn't have to be Stylist

>> Monday, March 23, 2009

Funny how people still so clueless about the differences between 'Stylish' and 'Stylist". Or maybe they never open a dictionary or what? I always laugh my ass off when I read someone writes "Fashion Stylish" and/or "You're so stylist!". Please people, if you think you really know what the differences are, I beg you to re-read what you write before you click the button or else I'll ask you questions like: have you ever met a Stylist who hates to be Stylish? Or someone Stylish who doesn't want to work as a Stylist?

Hint: Seriously, Stylish ≠ Stylist

By the way, I just found this blog. Very interesting. You stylisH people really need to read this! (No fashion related, though. But it's worth reading!)

Have a nice day!


So, What's Your Name Again?

>> Friday, March 20, 2009

I forced myself to go outside and breath limitless fresh air instead of staying in my bedroom all day long for almost 5 days! Not that I locked myself in, it's all because of the gum infection that's made me suffer for almost a week. So I decided to go somewhere quiet nearby to have my picture taken. I asked my maid and my niece to come with me so that I don't have to run errands just to push the button of my DSLR camera. Hehehe. I don't have enough power to do that, so... :D
But then I thought maybe I could train my maid to operate my camera. It's not that hard to play with the zoom lens and push the button, right? And yeah! She could do it waaaayy better than I expected! I should give her tips to appreciate her great job.

Victorian lace satin blouse + high waisted skirt : thrift store
Lace stocking + shoes : forever 21

This victorian blouse has a funny story to tell. At first the seller set the price at IDR 25.000 ($3 approx.) but of course I never buy something without bargaining. I asked him to lower the price to IDR 10.000 (less than $1) and after spending a minute or two reconsidering, the seller nodded his head and said "Okay but in one condition: may I know your name?" Hahaha I laughed and shook his hand telling that I go there very often and sure I'll buy from him again. LOL!



>> Thursday, March 19, 2009

I really love models with dark skin. There's just 'something' about their beauty that light-skinned women don't have. :)

Laura Muljadi, one of my fave Indonesian model

Selviya Kumari. Indonesian model. Love her!! <3

Kimmy. Indonesian model.

Jourdan Dunn. She's just sooo beautiful!!!

Love the strong look of Yasmin Warsame

Adorable Liya Kebede. She's a goddess! Stunningly beautiful!

The rising Lakhsmi Menon. OMG she's so fierce!

And the last but not least...
Chanel Iman. My love!!
Oh lovelies, why are you so damn beautiful? <3

Pic source: Reza Bustami's portfolio on Facebook, fashionesedaily forum, tfs, google.


Legs for My Pants

>> Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello people, how are things going? I apologize for lack of updates, mainly because I suffered from this freakin gum infection. Ohhh God it hurts like hell!! Seriously, you really need to take care of your teeth, or else you'll suffer the same thing. :(( However, I don't wanna bore you with toothache thingy. Having a toothache is soooo not fashionable, right? Hehehe.

So well, I have a question for you. Do you wear leggings as pants? It's definitely a serious question, darlings. :D I'm not that into leggings, and FYI I even just started to wear ones! I usually go for tights rather than leggings, but since the first time I saw this thing called Latex Leggings, I changed my mind straightaway. I could wear this! But hold a sec, leggings as pants?? OK call me idiot or whatever, I personally don't think leggings could be worn as pants. Don't you feel like you're wearing nothing? Don't you feel like your intimate part is shown, like, vaguely? Maybe if your wearing long shirt, it could cover up a bit. But, wearing short shirt + leggings? What do you think?

So, this is my first attempt to wear leggings as pants! Not quite confident yet, actually. Maybe I should try to wear long and loose top instead of this one? Help me, people. :)

Me and my fabulous friends! Yay!!
Dhyta and Ruth!
Love love love her outfit!! <3
OMG OMG! I forgot to hold my stomach, yikes!!


Take a Bow

>> Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cheyqua in Street Snap — March 7th, 2009

Where: Grand Opening Louis Vuitton Global Store
What: Young and effortlessly chic! I love how she mixed masculinity with femininity. Her boyfriend blazer is fashionably lovely and the bow on her shoes, super cute!


Across The Shoes Universe

>> Thursday, March 12, 2009

I want these!!!
shoes universe

and I just (accidentally) won this on ebay *big grin*
Steve Madden
Can't wait! :D

Aren't these shoes amazing?


So Last Decade!

>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dear friends, call me out-of-date, so last decade, or whatever, I just wanna show you another idiot channeling effort I did. Actually I didn't do this on purpose because I just realized that the silhouette of my tube dress apparently look quite similar to one of Gucci Spring/Summer 2007 collection as I was playing dress up. (I only have classes on Monday and Friday, so I have pretty loads of time to do silly things at home *grin*)
Well, please take a look and go on laugh at me. Hehehe.
And so the disaster begins.. Peek-a-boo!!
vintage oversized blazer, Forever21 ikat-print tube dress
Charles & Keith belt, Zara oxford shoes

Oh no, I hear someone sing me Hillary Duff's song already! "Sooooo yesterday, soooo yesterday.."

ps: I still haven't mastered the photoshop thingy, so maybe you could figure out the differences between these pics! Find the differences and just laugh about it! Hehehe..


Confession of an Intern (part III)

>> Friday, March 6, 2009

When I was an intern, someone told me this:

"True fashion people must act with style. The way they stand up, the way they sit, even when they're waiting for a cab, we can always tell they're working in fashion industry. Just pose, Darling. Whatever you do, wherever you are, just POSE!"
And that is my favorite quote ever. Even when I'm queuing for Burger King, I stand up fiercely. :)


Dressed to Kill

>> Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cheyqua in Street Snap — March 1st, 2009

Who: Sigi Wimala, model
Where: Grand Opening Louis Vuitton Global Store at Plaza Indonesia
What: This is mad. The leather jacket and the handgun embossed on her clutch were totally a head-shot. Okay, she’s a model so she can wear anything she wants, even with that pretty messy hairdo. So, be careful to say bad comments about her outfit because she might as well shot you on the head.


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